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We will help you create your message, reach your target market, and help connect with your audience.  We are your personalized marketing professionals. 


we create original, catchy, and innovative Google Ads, Posts, Poster, and Marketing Plans


create a marketing plan that reflects your business goals, vision, and dreams

we customize your marketing strategy  

create your business & brand

Our Services

1. Search and Identifications 
2. Web Design

3. Graphic Design

4. WooCommerce & Online Shopping

5. SEO and SMO

6. Web Services
7. Google Analytics set up & managent
8. Email Campaign 
9. Google Ads Set up & Management

10. Brand Book & Identity 

Azusa Cheng Marketing Specialist - website sample
Google Analytics and Free Sites
Azusa Cheng Marketing Specialist - Skylight Back to School Sale
Printed Marketing & Promotional Planning
Landing Pages and Digital Marketing
Azusa Cheng Marketing Specialist - restaurant poster project
Menus & Others Marketing Materials

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Are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner? Do you need help creating a brand that reflects your business, your vision, & your work? Let me help you create the perfect brand that reflect your vision and your dream

Past Projects

Creation & Management of Social Media Profiles Revamped Website and Digital Reputation
Skylight Optical
Brand and Experience Blogger.
Revamped Website and SMO
Brand Management
Increased Brand Awareness
Burnaby Entrepreneurs Toastmasters


Azusa Cheng (Amaya Ran) is a marketing strategist/consultant located in Vancouver, Canada. She has been a marketing strategist since 2011. Driven to evolve and polish her craft, she has upgraded and rebranded a range of organizations and business in Vancouver and Lower Mainland.  Some of her projects include GO-Med (2019, Medical Non-Profit), Skylight Optical (2015-2017, Optical Medical Retail), Sienna Flooring (2018-2019, Flooring and Home Renovation), Olympica (2018-2019, Kitchen Cabinet Brand), and Burnaby Entrepreneurs Toastmasters (2017-2019, Event Planning and Self-development Course Non-Profit).

Azusa has the ability to tell her clients’ stories; stir emotional responses and communicate with clarity. She is a great story teller and she will customize her clients’ messages onto a story that will influence their intended audience to take the right action. Through her specific process and meticulous research/analysis, she creates marketing plans that stands the test of time.