Small Companies & Linchpins

By Azura

In the “Linchpin” by Seth Godin, Seth lays out, explains and illustrates the importance of linchpins. He states that people should strive to become linchpins and companies should value these individuals. In fact, he states that companies’ success depends on these individuals; and these individuals, or artist as he calls them, are key components of many industries. Some samples are Steve Jobs, Jim Warren, and other disruptors.

However, many small businesses, startups, and longtime family business do not see the importance of these linchpins. They actually try to crush them, use them, and devalue them. In one of my previous company (that I used to work for), there were three crucial linchpins: one in the sales department, one serving in customer services, and one in marketing. All of them were overworked, passed for promotions, and their salaries did not reflect their inputs to the company.  It reached a point that these tree linchpins quitted and the company had a hard time trying to replace them. If these individuals are so important for the health of small business why are these linchpins often overlooked? how can you, as a small business owner, create and cultivate linchpins in your businesses.