Linchpins & Companies


By Azusa Cheng

In the Linchpin by Seth Godin, he layout, set up, and explains the importance of Linchpins in a company. In fact he put emphasis in the creation and the cultivation of these linchpins. Seth states that linchpins are the future of any company.  But given my experiences with companies and their treatment of linchpins, they are not utilizing them to their full potential or in some cases they are being ignored or pushed aside.  

In many cases, many small businesses that have been in the market for a long time do not see the importance of Linchpins; or better yet, they fear them. Most of the time linchpins represent change and innovation. Businesses might not be receiptable to these changes, thus, they fear these linchpins. One sample is Ms. Y whose approach to customer services would change the local optical and vision industry. Her one on one, and personalized approach to customer services would optimized, each patient’s health care benefits. Her product pricing would go against  the market’s norms.She was the linchpin on her company. Ms Y worked for her company for over 10 year but all her ideas were always pushed away and at one point she was mistreated by management.  She left her company and started her own business where she  could implement her ideas. Now she is changing the industry and her business is making a lot of noise. I am glad that i can help Ms Y and see her making a change.