Google Ads are taking over the searching results.

By Azura

Google Ads are taking over searching results

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By Azusa Cheng


In the recent year, I have notice that searches in Google have give results that are less than accurate and I have notice the following problems keeps on repeating: 

  1. Searches for specific business, companies and people are being flooded by google ads from that specific business, company, and/or person. For instance, if I am searching for IKEA the first 2 results in the query are IKEA advertising. In my opinion, if a person is looking for IKEA it is unnecessary to have IKEA ads in the search. (In addition, there many people that would more likely click on the ads since it is the first thing they see without noticing they are ads, pushing the ads click counts and giving false data).
  2. Google Ads take more than 60% of the screen real estate. After careful analysis on several devices, I have concluded  that on certain keywords google ads dominates the screen. They usually show up in the 4 first rows (4 different or recurring ads), then there are 5 actual search results, follow by 3 more google ads. Thus, there are more ads than actual results.  I have asked users, students and they have noticed this tendency and some have expressed their concern and annoyance with this.  

I have worked on, set up, and optimized Google Ads for my clients, employers, and friends; thus, when I notice these trends, I inform my client, employers and friends. Personally, I believe that these issues should be addressed by Google since it undermines Google’s core and principles